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Accident FAQ

What To Do After An Automobile Accident

  1. Call the police and have them file an Accident Report.
  2. Exchange Insurance information
  3. Call Cedar Chiropractic to get injuries evaluated, documented, and treated immediately.
  4. Ask us any questions about insurance or attorney representation.

FAQS about Auto Accidents

I have been to the Emergency Department and released. Do I really need to follow up with a doctor?

You need a doctor who specializes in providing the necessary care and diagnosis of auto accident injuries. Most hospitals will rule out life threatening conditions and release patients with medications. They normally do not provide healthcare for the underlying injuries that can often lead to future pain. Because soft tissues (muscle and ligaments) are injured in most crashes it is imperative to seek continued care so the injuries can properly heal and not cause chronic pain conditions. Thus after your hospital visit you need to make an immediate appointment with a specialist like Dr. Seater.

What if I need a Medical Doctor, Neurologist, MRI, or pain medication?

Our office works closely with a trusted group of physicians and MRI centers that we utilize to assist in the care of our patients. Sometimes co-management with other doctors is necessary. We recognize and understand that sometimes a muti-faceted approach is best.

My car has only minor damage yet I feel great pain. Does the car damage affect my ability to get care?

It has been researched and documented that the damage done to a vehicle in a collision does not necessarily releate to the damage to a human occupant. In fact, if the car withstood the impact that means that very little of the force was absorbed thus causing the occupants to be thrown about with higher forces. It is ABSOLUTELY important to seek care in these situations.

Should I seek the help of an attorney or legal expert?

It may be in your best interest to do just that. It is our recommendation that you obtain an evaluation for the injuries prior to seeking an attorney. This will provide the attorney with a thorough and in depth report of your injuries. We can help you with an attorney search.

The insurance company has sent me a settlement check and wants to settle, should I?

Keep in mind that most insurance companies try to save money so the offer you received may not be appropriate. If you sign any check that means the case is closed. That money must be used to pay the medical bills. All settlements should include medical payments in full and then a settlement for the injured party. An attorney working for you definitely makes sure all the medical bills are paid and then a settlement is negotiated for the injured party. Don't sign any check until all your bills are paid or else you may be responsible for 100% of the cost of care.

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